Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have been asked every question under the sun and we always hope that we can offer a comprehensive reply. Thus, please feel free to contact us for any questions not covered below but note that we are unable to guarantee winning lottery numbers!

What kind of service should I expect from Gemini Walks?

We work our socks off to ensure that everyone has a wonderful walking experience in Bonny Scotland. We try to give a service second to none and it sees many, many clients returning to book walk after walk with us. We love to have a wee blether with our valued customers as well as offering a professional service

Are you open seven days a week?

During the main walking season we are available 24/7 at all times (apart from dream time) so you will always be able to make contact with us whether it be in the evenings or at weekends. All clients can feel free to reach Julie on her mobile as well as the main office line

What methods of communication can I use?

The most common way clients contact us nowadays is by email but we are always on the end of the phone as well as dealing with our valued clients by text and more recently by WhatsApp. The latter has been a revelation when conversing with clients from overseas. This allows us to give clients full support either before their walk or during the actual walk itself so you can have full confidence that if you require assistance then you will be able to reach a real person rather than being met with an answer phone

How do I actually book my holiday?

At Gemini Walks we are very flexible so please feel free to give us a call, send us an email or alternatively complete the online booking form

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We charge a reasonable £50.00 per person deposit with the remaining balance being due five weeks prior to your start date but there is no requirement for that at the time of booking. The main aspect is to ensure that your name is on rooms and then we can take it from there in the knowledge that your walk is safe and sound. However, if you feel more comfortable paying a deposit when booking then that’s perfectly fine too

Is it advisable to book well in advance?

In a word, yes! In years gone by our mantra was always to advise clients to contact us after the Christmas pudding was down for the next year but not nowadays! Popular walks like the West Highland Way are being booked up as far as a year in advance or even earlier. However, for last minute bookings it is always worth giving us a call and we can undertake a quick availability check

Will I always be able to obtain a packed lunch and/or evening meal!!

Nobody has ever gone hungry on any of our walking holidays!!! We provide you with a comprehensive tour pack which leaves no stone unturned. It tells you all about packed lunches at every accommodation, whether you can order upon arrival, if you have to give a certain amount of notice or if the accommodation does not provide them (that would only be where there are ample supplies locally). The tour pack includes an information leaflet too which gives details of where there are shops and facilities on the way including hotels, dining establishments, ATMs, Post Offices, etc, etc. Thus, you can make an executive decision in advance as to whether you want to order a packed lunch or stop at a pub midway on that days stage to take lunch. The cost of packed lunches range quite considerably but on average around £7.00 each

As for evening meals, these are available locally at all stages at either the accommodation itself or a nearby dining establishment within easy walking distance. Walkers are always well catered for and again your comprehensive tour pack gives details. Costs vary greatly but on average a starter and dessert costs between £5.00 to £7.00 with a main course being on average between £10.00-£15.00 but, of course, items such as venison and steak can increase the cost substantially

Is baggage transfer included?

It certainly is and all of our baggage carriers have been working with us for many a year so we have solid, well established relationships. However, although baggage transfer is highly recommended, if you prefer to carry your own bag then the cost of the tour will be reduced accordingly

Do I need to have map and compass reading skills? 

Here at Gemini Walks, we always recommend that a map and a compass/GPS are taken especially on the routes which are not signposted. However, please note that the waymarked trails are very well signposted and easy to follow

Is an equipment list provided?

Yes, we provide this as a matter of course and it can be emailed at any time but will always be included in your tour pack

We hope that the above proves useful and anything else then just let us know!