Annandale Way

The Annandale Way officially opened in September 2009 and is a wonderful walk which follows the magnificent River Annan on its way from its source to the sea

This 55 mile (88.5 km) walk is brimming with wildlife and culture offering you glimpses into the history and hidden secrets of this quiet and tranquil area of Scotland, parts of which have remained undisturbed for centuries

“For walkers after Landscapes! Surprises! Nature! Fun! There’s nothing better than the Annandale Way…” Hoddom Primary School

This is a truly enjoyable walk in this beautiful ancient border region of Scotland

In November 2009 we walked the Annandale Way ourselves and were bowled over with the amount of wildlife and nature on this delightful trail. It is a tranquil walk, almost therapeutic as you follow the sound of the river as it winds its way through the countryside. Highly recommended

2024 Prices


ADW5 4 days walking / 5 overnight stays £450.00
ADW6/1 5 days walking / 6 overnight stays Lochmaben £500.00
ADW6/2 5 days walking / 6 overnight stays Lockerbie £500.00

This Route can also be walked South to North ie Sea to Source but note that the Rucksack Readers Guide is written starting from Moffat and heading south

The above tours can be tailored to fit your personal plans. For example, if you do not require accommodation at either the start of end of the walk then we can adjust the cost accordingly

One of Gemini Walks most frequently asked questions? 

Should I choose Lochmaben or Lockerbie on a five day walk?

It really is simply a matter of preference as to whether you prefer Lochmaben or Lockerbie. The village of Lochmaben is certainly more picturesque and on this day you have the highest climb. However, Lockerbie has more facilities with regard to accommodations and dining establishments with it being a larger and busier town

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