John Muir Way

The John Muir Way stretches 134 miles (215 km) across Scotland’s heartland, running between Helensburgh in the west through to Dunbar on the east coast and to John Muir’s birthplace. Launched in April 2014 this is Scotland’s newest coast to coast long distance walk

You will trek through the heart of Central Scotland from rolling landscape to beautiful seascape passing through 5000 years of history

John Muir was born in Dunbar, Scotland on 21st April 1838 and died at the age of 76 years in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve 1914. His family moved to America when Muir was 11 years old. It has been argued that Muir has become “one of the patron saints of 20th Century American environmental activity. He was also a mountaineer, a geologist, a naturalist, an inventor, a glaciologist and, of course, a conservationist. However, he said of himself “I could have become a millionaire, but chose instead to become a tramp”

With Gemini Walks being based in Central Scotland, situated half way between the start and finish and almost on the Way itself, we can offer local knowledge and experience

Julie grew up not far from the Falkirk Wheel and has watched the local area develop with its rich history and the addition of the world famous Falkirk Kelpies

If tackling the full walk then we recommend 10 days of walking but the beauty of this tour is that it can be easily tackled in part stages. Please email Julie or Michelle for details and they can give advice and tailor a tour to suit your needs

2024 Prices

JMW 10 days walking / 11 overnight stays £1200.00

The above tour can be tailored to fit your personal plans. For example, if you do not require accommodation in Helensburgh at the start or at Dunbar at the end of the tour then we can adjust the cost accordingly

Gemini Walks Frequently Asked Question

Can we take extra days to visit the Falkirk Kelpies and/or spend more time in Edinburgh?

We would be delighted to arrange extra overnight stays but please note that during the Edinburgh Festival the prices become extortionate and all accommodations insist on at least a stay of three overnights or more. Therefore, we highly recommend that you avoid landing in Edinburgh during the Festival

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